Resident Services

Maintenance Requests

RPJ Housing is committed to providing safe, clean, attractive housing and responsive customer service. To get the best and fastest possible service, and to help us track your request most efficiently, please read the information below, then use the online form below to submit your request. Note that this form should not be used for items other than maintenance requests.

Lock-Out Calls

During business hours, call the Property Management Office at 703-549-7170. There is a $25.00 fee charged at the time of service.

After business hours, call the Emergency Service Line at 301-939-3302. There is a $50.00 fee charged at time of service. 

If you have an after hours emergency, please contact the Emergency Service Line at 301-939-3302. Emergencies include lack of heat or A/C, lack of power, flooding, or lack of water.  In case of fire, leave the premises and call 911 before contacting RPJ Housing. In case of medical or police emergencies, call 911 immediately.

Requests already submitted

If you have already submitted a service request, please note that requests are prioritized based on the type of issue. For instance, a resident whose heat or air conditioning is out will likely be served before someone whose issue is minor.

If your request is for a non-emergency item and was submitted less than 48 hours ago, please do not resbmit your request, as that may delay a response. Note that non-emergency requests are not addressed outside of normal work hours.


Once your maintenance request has been completed, you may receive a follow-up call, e-mail, or in-person visit to make sure you are satisfied with our service. RPJ Housing is committed to your satisfaction, and we appreciate your letting us know how we are doing.

Late Rent and Other Issues

Having problems paying your rent or other concerns? We may be able to help. Please call 703-549-7170 for confidential assistance.

Note that we are most likely to be able to help if you let us know about your concern as soon as it arises, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Contributions to RPJ Housing may be tax deductible.

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